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“…sometimes you’ve got to be the monster.”

For Sara, a woman who has been on the run from monsters all her life, these are not easy words to speak. Her escape to the quiet life in a city on the Oregon Coast is rattled after she meets teenage sex worker Emmy at a local dive. Old bruises resurface and a fast friendship is formed when Sara decides to help Emmy escape the path she chose, knowing full well the trouble that lies at the edge of their decision. A stranger once helped Sara find a way out, it’s time to return the favor.

Set against an America that has been on a slow burn towards unrest between two divided factions and a government that has failed the people, Sara finds herself searching for freedom not just from the coming downfall, but a past entwined with the very events that started the revolution.

Home Free is a 5 issue mini-series of dramatic crime fiction. The first issue was funded through Kickstarter in November 2021, with subsequent issues coming out through crowdfunding throughout 2022. This is a sequel to The Black Wall, but it was written in a way that it doesn’t matter which you read first, as reading either will create a unique narrative for whichever you read second.


NOTE: This is a digital product - no physical item will be shipped.

Home Free Issue 3: Desert Green -PDF

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